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Advanced Commercial Art

In course we will discover the process of using design and photography to establish a visual presence for a brand. We will take an in-depth look at how digital arts are used to convey a brands core values and message. We will study successful marketing campaigns and the practices used to create them. Students will utilize hardware and software used by current design professionals to create a series of marketing campaigns Course work will be focused on channeling students' artistic skills to produce professional creative studio campaigns and will conclude with students creating their own brand/company and create a final design solution project.


-Learn/Review fundamentals of marketing, brand development and copywriting.

-Learn/Review the vocabulary of design

-Learn how to critique, write and speak about marketing and branding

-Create marketing campaigns in a variety of digital media


Advanced Commercial Art Sections

·      Defining Client Needs – Students explore the designer-client relationship and investigate research strategies and methods for developing effective multi-media campaigns. Assignments address target markets and methods for testing prototypical design solutions.

·      Brand Development - Students will explore the history and processes of brand development in media design through case studies and learn how to utilize some of the basic tools used in the marketing profession. In applying this knowledge to creative projects, students will gain additional insight into their research that they can then utilize in future projects.

·      Copywriting - Students complete a series of projects that help to develop their skills in writing persuasively while explaining and defending the rationale behind their decisions based on research. Throughout the course, students are required to polish their writing skills in order to extend the power of their design and to craft effective communications.

·      Design Structure - Students utilize processes and workflow consistent with professional practice in many of today’s top design firms. Emphasis is placed on creativity, innovation, and bringing work to a professional level of execution. Students receive feedback on their work in a way that promotes teamwork and collaboration with peers.

·      Multi-Platform Delivery - Students develop a plan for creating professional-quality deliverables from the research and exploration completed in the previous courses. Emphasis is placed on designing for a variety of possible platforms with the goal of developing a unified multi-media campaign. The work is evaluated through critique and refined through iteration in preparation for its presentation.

·      Presentation of a Brand - Students will present their projects and explain how their research, preliminary investigations, and applications contributed to the process used to arrive at their final design solutions.



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